My D&C was on Friday.  We got the Surgery Center at 11:30am because they nurse thought my doctor might be done with his noon procedure early.  My surgery was scheduled at 1 and we went back around 12:30.  I think I started to tear up while sitting in the waiting room.  It was the anticipation of the whole thing I guess.  When I got called back to pre-op and got in my gown  and they settled me in and asked all the questions they have to ask….that’s when I really started crying.  They have to ask you what procedure will be done on you today.  Just saying the words D&C made me sad.  I got asked three times.  That along with my name and birthdate.

I asked the nurse would I be getting something to calm me down before I went in and she said they can certainly do that.  Everyone there was really nice and took very good care of me.  The anesthesiologist came in to ask the questions they ask. She was really nice and it was a pleasant surprise to have such a friendly face.  She wore a flower surgeon cap which made me smile.  I remember thinking to myself that usually those type doctors are nerdy or old…LOL.

After my doctor came in and talked to husband and I a bit, the antithesia nurses came in and gave me some happy juice and oxgen and the next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery.  I think I was there for 45 minutes.  They gave me some crackers and sprite and gave me a pain pill along with morphine in my IV.  When I was ready, they helped me get dressed and wheeled me out to my waiting husband.

I had told husband that when we were done I wanted a Starbucks Carmel frappaciano because I had not had anything to eat or drink since 11 the night before.  I opted for a Mcdonalds happy meal just to get some food into my stomach.  When we got home I got ready for bed and tried to go to sleep.  I think I slept a little but woke up when husband arrived back home with my medicine and little boy.

Little boy was upset with me for some reason when he arrived home and wouldn’t have anything to do with me for a little while.  He finally warmed up to me.  Not sure if it was because I didn’t pick him up or the fact that I was in bed in a dark room when he got home.  It was just weird the way he acted.

I took a pain killer and tried to go back to bed but everytime I would does off I started itching……really bad.  We looked online and some sites said that was an allergic reaction to the pain killers but then others said that that was a common side effect and didn’t particularly mean an allergic reaction.  Something  about percaset (or however you spell it)  releasing histamines which will cause itching.  Six hours later I took another one and the itching was not as bed.  I wasn’t able to really sleep until the later dose.

The bleeding has stopped and I am actually feeling pretty good.  It’s not that I’m not still sad but with the D&C behind me and the constant reminder of what had happened, the bleeding, being over with, I could finally get my thoughts together and get on with it.

I wasn’t suppose to drive for 24 hours so this morning my husband took little boy and I to Target to pick up a few things.  I’ve been pain free most of the time with the help of the pain killer so I was pretty much able to carry on as usual.

I’ll go back to work Monday and everything should get back to normal…on the surface anyways…………….