My D&C is scheduled for friday around lunch.  I didn’t have many options when it came to scheduling my surgery…either 6:45 or noon…either today or friday.  Since daycare doesn’t open till 7 and I was afraid my husband would have trouble getting off work at the last minutes AND because I wasn’t quiet ready for a D&C I opted for friday.

I’m bleeding still and am very crampy but could probably go back to work  today.  Frankly,  I need a few days to digest and rest though so I’m staying put.  I will wait till Monday to get back to normal.  I probably would not be able to concentrate anyways.  I’m doing better but I’m sure I’ll be getting email replies from my announcement and co-workers just walking up and giving me a hug without saying a word.  I appreciate them dearly but I know it will only make me cry.  I’ll just hide from the world a couple more days.  It’s a rainy dreary day and a perfect day to stay in the bed…..

My mother-in-law is still in the hospital (something I have neglected to mentioned with everything that’s been going on).  She has lung cancer and another lung problem that I can’t even spell and don’t feel like trying.  She started radiation yesterday but will probably be able to go home in a day or two.  I know this has to be tough on husband with his mom in the hospital and what we are going through now.  But I know we’ll get through everything just fine……….