What is it with these cats?  Little Kitten (aka Rocket J) escaped last week not two days after Dixie did.  This was his second escape and he got out the same hole..just kinda dug around the one brick I had placed there.  I’m pretty sure that’s the same spot Dixie came in and out. 

I gathered more rocks and bricks and blocked off the area.  It was funny that I didn’t expect another one to get out so soon.  I realized he was not in the back yard again and walked around both sides of the house.  There little kitten was at the back of the fence.  He meowed and slowly walked to me and I picked him up and brought him into the house.  I only left him in the house a day because I’m not sure I trust him yet.  Little Kitten had had a spraying issue in the past (not happy when I brought home a dog and two kittens within a short period of time).  I thought he’d gotten over all that but he has been suspicious sometimes when let to roam in the house.

I told husband that Kitten dug that hole for Dixie to escape and when she came back be decided to leave himself….Husband thought I was silly.

Dixie and Kitten have both been allowed to go out back since I fixed the hole but I always get Dixie in at night.  Afterall I don’t need to spend another late night out trying to find that silly thing again.