dixie2008My female cat Dixie got out last night. I was looking for her last night around 9pm trying to get her inside and could not find her anywhere. Last I had seen her was about 4:30 when I went out to feed dogs. I knew she was outside. I searched the whole backyard and finally thought I heard a meow behind the backyard. I hobbled around behind the fence (heel spur acting up) and saw her on the other side of a chain link in one of my neighbors yards. I had to walk all the way over to the street behind us to get even close and then she wouldn’t come to me and ran under their wood fence that was locked. I called her and she came out a couple of times but would not get close enough. I finally went to my neighbors door to let them know I was back there searching for my cat so they wouldn’t call the police. It’s an old couple and the lady offered to come out and show me how to get around that wood fence (Piles of junk everywhere) and she had another flashlight. We chased Dixie back and forth and I finally had her cornered and got her. Then the man came out to see if he could help and she freaked and I lost her. She ran into a carport they have that was absolutely full of wheel barrows, shovels, lawn equipment (piled high). I heard her in there and would sometimes see her. The couple went inside so I just sat there talking to her trying to get her to come out or close enough so I could grab her. It was going on 11 by this time. She finally came out and I grabbed her and held her but she was still freaked and I had a long way to get home (already scratched up once). The lady came back out to see if I was still there and I said yes and that I had her but was holding her in my sweatshirt for her to calm down. I asked the lady if they had a cat carrier and she went to look. Meanwhile husband came and I sent him to get a carrier. The lady got back first and as she approached us Dixie freaked AGAIN and I lost her to the pile of lawn equipment. This time I could not see her anymore or hear her so I wasn’t even sure she stayed under there or ran through. By 11:30 pm husband and I headed home. I cried and cried and prayed all night that she would find her way home. I even had a dream that she was in the garage the whole time and it was all a bad dream but then I woke up and realized it wasn’t a bad dream that she’s really gotten out. And it rained so bad last night too.

Don’t worry this story has a happy ending. This morning at 6:30 or so when the sun came up, I got dressed and was prepared to go out and search for her again. I fed Bubba and then I went on back porch to feed big cats and here comes Dixie. She’d found her way back into the yard. She wasn’t even wet so she either found her way back before it rained or stayed hidden until a break in the rain this morning and came home. I was SOOOOOOOO thankful and glad. Needless to say I really need to do a better search and double check of the cat fence. I had blocked the hole I thought where Kitten had gotten out but maybe there is another or a low place in the fence. I’ve never had a problem with Dixie before. I hope husband didn’t let her back out cause I didn’t see her before I headed to work but she’s probably under the bed.

During all the excitement though I turned my knee so between the heel spur and the knee I can barely walk. I have an appt with the foot doctor tomorrow morning because he doesn’t work on Wednesdays and I’m going to call a knee doctor this morning. I’m Falling apart…..