I was laying in bed this afternoon (hoping to get a much needed nap) when I started thinking about how our life will change so much with a second child.

We were perfectly content to have our one beautiful son.  We watched him grow everyday and marvelled over his every movement or noise.  We watched some video that my husband took and for the most part a lot of the video was just little boy sitting there cooing and smiling…and that’s it. Seems like we could just watch that for hours…just staring at him.  He was our miracle.

It’s going to take some getting used to with a second child in the mix.  Not that we won’t love him or her just as much it’s just that that awe of a baby growing may be different…okay we’ve been down that road before….big deal….

And to think how little boy will react is something I think about as well.  He is used to being the center of our universe…..and that’s going to change in about  7 months.  He already won’t let any of the cats get in my lap…”That’s my momma!” he exclaims as he pushes them off.  Very possessive that boy is.

I guess I have a few months to ponder this and to get used to the idea.  I still try not to let myself think too far ahead anyways but every once in a awhile I think “OMG we’re having another child!” and the mind goes full of thoughts.  I’m tickled…I’m scared..I’m stressed…I’m in planning mode…..and I think about our future as a family…a much larger family.