My friend who coordinates the scrapbook Retreat has been sending out emails to everyone and trying to get confirmations on who all is going this year.  They are required to have at least 12 people and that’s how many went when I went last year.  Twelve was a great number.  We each got two tables to work on and I got my own room.

Evidently there is more interest this year and I’m afraid there might be at least 22+ people going.  Y said there have even been some “demanding” folks signing up.  Those who say they are bringing their three friends and they want to sit exactly in a certain spot and sleep exactly in certain rooms or else.  I think that spoils the trip.  I know my friends have said before that certain woman get there early and start “rearranging” seating charts etc.  I think that’s just stupid and immature.  These scrappers are suppose to be adults.  My friends who coordinate the retreat work really hard to accommodate everyone and are sweet enough to even prepare little grap bags for everyone.

Supposedly folks will end up backing out at the last minute so as long as we have 12 people that would be just fine with me.  I’m really looking forward to my retreat.  For the past several months, little boy has been staying up later and very demanding so I absolutely have had no time for scrapping…I haven’t even been able to start my digital scrapbook kit from Creative Memories that I ordered from QVC! 

Here in the next week or so I should be starting to get over my First Trimester tiredness and be able to get in my room and organize and start packing up my supplies in preparation for the retreat.  I’ve already been bookmarking pages from my “Scrapbook Etc” magazine for some inspiration and ideas.  Now if I can just go through my pictures and get those organized!