It doesn’t take much to get me stressed out.  My mom tells me that I get that from my grandmother.  She always worries and stresses out.  So I guess I can blame heredity right…LOL.

Of course this impending baby has been the biggest source of worry and stress.  I just can’t seem to get excited yet.  Everytime I start thinking about it I have to stop myself.  I asked the doctor yesterday at what point did I miscarry before but he wasn’t able to say as he briefly glanced at my chart.  All he could say is that it was April 05.  I’m 8 weeks and 3 days today and everything looks great they said.  They did another ultra-sound and saw the heart beat etc.  I just can’t help thinking something is going to happen.  I worry and I stress.  They did tell me NOT TO TOUCH the litter boxes but are going to test me for the Toxiplasmosis to see if maybe I’m immune.  I didn’t tell husband this since we’d already had a big blow out about it Sunday night.  His plan was to throw all the cat out and lock Bubba on the back porch with one litter box.  I said no because the temperatures were too cold to lock the cats out like that and as soon as it warms up the big cats can stay outside and get on porch for shelter and Bubba can stay in.  Let’s just say my husband never gets mad or shows frustration and he was at the point then that you could really tell he was upset.  He did finally take the two litter boxes I wanted out of the garage and put them in the side yard to dump later and he did scoop the new big litter box I bought with the crystal litter (which is much easier to scoop).  You would think he was handling toxic waste.  He was armed with a mask and gloves and stood so far away from the box I’m surprised he could reach it.  He also immediately stripped his pants off and put them in the dirty clothes in case any dust got on them (a little extreme).  I’m just glad he did it and the argument was over.  I know we are both under a lot of stress thinking about another child….at our age.

Things at work have been stressful as well.  I’m all of a sudden really busy with my regular job and there are also some frustrating things going on with my professional club.  I actually spent all day Thursday working on things for that.  It’s difficult being in charge and now I know I don’t think I could handle being a supervisor.  You have to make a lot of difficult decisi0ns that sometimes affect people you consider a friend.  First off I had to ask my treasurer to step down from his position because he wasn’t doing his job.  He works in my office and I know what kind of pressure he is under there but when that starts affecting his job as treasurer he needed to recognize that and step down.  I had been defending him to the point where I was looking bad.  I finally decided this had to stop.  Very tough decision but a necessary one.  The problems with the treasurer also affected the next thing I had to do.  The church were we have our lunch meetings raised their prices and sent a letter in September.  I just got the letter last week because the Treasurer had it and had not brought to my attention.  So then I had to go out to everyone and raise the price of our luncheons and deal with all the negative comments there.  Lots of other things went on last week too which lead to a very stressful week.  Maybe I need one of those classes on dealing with stress…LOL  Wonder if that would help?

I think my main problem is (and this is both at home and at work)….I’m a control freak who is out of control……I have totally lost control in my life and it’s really heard for me to deal with……I need a vacation (or a scrapbook retreat).