The thing I worried about the most when I found out I was pregnant was my blood pressure problems. I was diagnosed with higher blood pressure two years ago but after trying a couple of different medicines it had been normal ever since and I have felt fine.  I am overweight (but not obese) but more than likely it’s heredity that caused mine or at least I think that.  My brother lost a bunch of weight and exercised and was able to get his under control.  I was on Micardis HCT but naturally that’s the worse one to be taking if you get pregnant.  I had stopped taking it a couple of days before I could finally get ahold of someone at my OB/GYN’s office to get them to change the prescription.  They put me on Aldomet and for about a little more than a week my blood pressure had been okay.  But then I starting having some congestion and just didn’t feel right and when I took my blood pressure it was higher.  I had read somewhere that being sick can cause your BP to elevate so I stayed home and slept all day.  I thought I would feel better today since my congestion isn’t as bad and I had one normal reading at the end of the day yesterday…but nope. It’s even higher today.  Nothing Hypertensive but still higher than it should be and something that concerns me.

I go to the doctor tomorrow and I will tell them about the blood pressure.  It may just be that I also need a diuretic.  When I first started taking the Micardis I just took Micardis and it didn’t lower enough so they put me on Micardis-HCT which has the diuretic.  I hope that’s all I need.  Blood pressure maintenance is pretty scary stuff.

I was suppose to lead off a luncheon meeting today but I had to call my Programs Chair and tell her I wasn’t going to be there and could she get the Vice President of the club to speak instead.  I’m really disappointed I can’t be there since we have a speaker from our National Headquarters but for now I think it’s better I stay in bed.

I knew this would be a scary pregnancy but didn’t think it would start this soon…