I told my mother yesterday that I am pregnant.  She actually took the news better than I expected.  I actually expected her to sorta fuss about my age and health but she seemed pretty supportive which I was thankful for.  These are times when you really need your mother.

I am continuing to take my new blood pressure medicine (Aldomet) with out a problem and my blood pressure has remained steady.  I also picked up my prescription for Prometrium on Friday.  My progesterone level was a little lower than the doctor likes to see which is why I was prescribed that.  Not sure if it is the medicine or what I’ve been eating but I have felt pretty sick to my stomach.  I’m also wondering if it’s possible that it is morning sickness.  I didn’t have that with little boy so I don’t know anything about it.

Speaking of little boy….we continued to try him out wearing big boy underwear.  He loves loves loves wearing them but will just not tell us when he needs to potty.  Starting today they are starting a stricter schedule for potty training at his daycare class.  We are going to also try that at home (or try to).  It’s hard to believe he’ll be 3 in 3 months.

This weekend I finally got all the wallpaper off the wall in little boy’s room.  Now I just need to wipe down with TSP then prime the walls for painting.  Once his room is painted I should be able to order his RACE CAR Bed.  I think he is ready.  It may take husband or I sleeping with him in the beginning but the fact that it is a race car will really make him want to sleep there.