Little boy will be three years old early next year so this Christmas will be the first one where he will really know what’s going on and enjoy opening up presents.  I told husband last night that I will TRY and curb my controlling nature and just let the boy open his gifts.  It’s funny…last night he was telling me that the tree and all the gifts under it were “his”. (and they were).  We have not introduced the “idea” of Santa Claus and how he brings presents and not sure we will especially since I always put presents under the tree when I put it up.  Here are some of the things little boy is getting for Christmas.

1.  A bucket full of dinosaurs

2.  A tool box

3.  An age appropriate computer

4.  A Disney’s Cars Movie Mac Truck

5.  Big Boy underwear 🙂

6.  A stuffed Batman pillow

7.  Some action figures

8.  A Big Dump Truck

9.  Coloring Books, Games and Colors

10.  A 12 inch Iron Man Doll & the 12inch Indiana Jones Doll

11.  And the big one……a Geo Trax Grand Central Station Train Set


This one was the hardest the find. I did end up taking an early lunch and braving the local ToysRUs store last week. I had to ask for it since they didn’t have them with the other Geo Trax sets but I was proud to get it for $15 off. Had tried to order it online but they were out of it online at most places I tried. Sure hope he likes it!

All and all I think little boy will enjoy his Christmas. Tomorrow night we head out for Chinese Food with husband’s family then over to sister-in-laws to open gifts. Then Christmas day I invited my Mom and brother over for brunch then little boy will open presents. My sister and her kids are not coming up this year which is a disappointment but at least we won’t have to change our plans to suit my sister like we always do. Her kids should have gotten the box of presents I sent them by now but from what I understand they’ve already opened all their other Christmas gifts….
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!