Fall and early winter are busy times for me at work and home which have not left me much time to do much of anything (poor me…LOL).  Things at work are starting to slow down but of course Christmas is right around the corner so it may get crazy in the house of Scrappy Cat here in the next few days.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week!  This month has flown by!  Me, my husband and little boy just got back from Arkansas where we celebrated my grandmother’s 90th Birthday.  We went down on Saturday, the party was Sunday, we just sat around and visited on Monday then Tuesday drove home.  It’s about an 8 hour drive and on Tuesday there was reports of ice on the road the route we usually take so we went south which added an hour to our trip.  We may have avoided any ice but encountered heavy rain the last couple of hours of our trip.  Thank goodness for my dear husband who drove us the whole time and does not get AS STRESSED as I do in bad weather driving.  We were all tired when we got home.

Little boy enjoyed the trip I believe.  He’s at that “entertaining” age where he acted silly alot and showed out.  I think he probably wore everyone out with all his energy.  He stripped down naked at my grandmother’s house and ran around….that was pretty funny.  He also warmed up quick to my uncle which I’m sure my uncle was glad of.  Last trip little boy wouldn’t have much to do with him and I think he was disappointed.  His grandchildren have gotten up older and I think he was looking forward to seeing little boy.  They both seemed to have a good time. 

That little trip threw me off on my Christmas shopping schedule.  I had fully intended to have everything bought before now.  I’ll be making a run out to the local Toys R Us at lunch today to pick up little boy a Fisher Price Geo Trax Grand Central Station and then I’ll be done with his gifts.  Evidently, this item must be pretty popular because I’ve had a little trouble finding it after I decided I wanted it.  Can’t get it anywhere online except for a few places who jacked up the price.  I just really hate to go to ToysRus but you gotta do what you gotta do.  After that just a few more gifts for the nephews and the mother-in-law and one more thing for a friend then I’m done!  Husband and I are not exchanging gifts or I would be out buying for him as well. 

This weekend will be spent cleaning and holiday baking….hope I don’t wear myself out!  Here’s a recipe for some pecan pie muffins that the ladies at work have made for one of our many SNACK DAYs we’ve had in the last few weeks.  They taste very good and I’ll probably make them for my Christmas Day Brunch…..

Happy Holidays!!!!!