Today I’m home from work because it is Veteran’s Day.  I should probably go get little boy from daycare and take him to the parade downtown but today is also picture day at school and we wouldn’t want to miss that.  He missed last picture day because he was sick and this time we even went and got his hair trimmed.  That was tiring enough.  I took him to HEADSTART next to Petsmart so we could go in and see the animals afterwards.  He was not too keen on a hair cut and wouldn’t even get in the chair unless I sat in it and put him in my lap.  The lady did the best she could since he was looking all around and pointing….and saying “what’s that momma?”.  It’s trimmed and not as long as shaggy and the curls are still there.  Hopefully we’ll get a good picture today.

So today I’m just hanging around the house trying to clean and do some scrapbooking.  I just ran out of 3×5 photo paper and ink so the scrapbooking might be a little difficult unless I decide to leave the house.  I was trying to organize my photos and print all “scrapbookable” photos and print a bunch on regular 8×10 paper and keep a book and decide which photos to scrapbook, mark them off when I do etc.  One of my scrapbook buddies does it that way.  I think it might help because sometimes I forget which ones I’ve scrapbooked or planned on scrapbooking.  But alais I can’t finish that project…so as soon as I do a little online stuff…back to laundry and cleaning..blah!

General update on things around the scrappy house.  The letter the lawyer sent the class reunion-problem-maker must have done the trick because she actually cashed her refund check.  I think she must have realized how much it would cost to pursue and gave up.  Or at least I think it’s over.  To me cashing the check is acceptance but I may be wrong.  Hopefully, the crap won’t hit the fan when we least expect it.  We know only have one more check to clear besides one written to me for the balance on what I am owed then we’ll have $40 in the account.  I had planned to close it but since we do have a little left after one gal returned her refund check…I guess I’ll keep it open.  If I’m involved in any other type reunion it will purely be a small part and I will not have my name on anything…..I learned my lesson.  I had emailed the reunion chair and asked her to send me a copy of the letter the lawyer sent but have not gotten on yet.  I’m just curious as to what it said.

Things at work have settled down for the moment which leaves me time to think about my future.  As many of my readers know I go back and forth about my job every so often but thursday I found out that with the big  re-org in my office and addition of personnel that that might mean more higher positions but none in my area.  I think I will have a sit down with my boss next week and see what’s going on.  if there is no future then it is time to move on.  I’m especially upset by the rumor he wants to bring back this arrogant little intern that we had in the office only a short time and now she had rotated to another office.  She started out nice but we quickly learned what a user she is.  That’s one thing I can’t stand…..of course the boss doesn’t see this and he one of the ones she is using.  I would just soon she not come back….I know that’s petty but we have a good work environment now and I hate for that to change. 

Guess I better get back to cleaning.  Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you veterans for your service and thank you current service men and women for yours.