I walked over to the other building yesterday and stopped by to visit my scrapbook buddies.  We discussed our next retreat which is scheduled for March (the weekend of little boy’s birthday) and talked about this new retreat that just opened.  It’s a beautiful place that overlooks a lake and is full of amenities but it was decided that if you are going to go scrapbooking you don’t need all those amenities….movie room, hot tub, etc because you are there to scrapbook. Besides after a month of operation they raised their prices almost $50…..which makes it about $200 for 3 days/2 nights.  Which isn’t too bad but alot for a place we’ve never tried.   I think they are going to stick to the place we went last time unless it gets even more hard to reserve.  It will be hard to beat that place…food is great, plenty of room, enough amenities, food is great…….:-)

I actually can’t wait till the next retreat and hate that it is so far off plus the weekend of boy’s birthday.  I should still be able to be home for his actual birthday and if we have a party we can either do it on Sunday or the next weekend.  It was still cold for his birthday this year which isn’t fun when planning an outdoor event.  Besides…he’ll be three and probably just as happy to have a party at school with his friends(of course that will take some planning as well since I would be at the retreat on the Friday before….)  We’ll work something out.  It’s usually just family anyways.

With all the talk of scrapbooking I got to looking in my scrapbook room last night at all the unfinished projects.  I really need a day to myself to just scrapbook.  It seems every day I get by myself I’m either cleaning or running errands.  I’m still not getting any time to myself in the evenings since little boy is staying up later and if I did try and do something while he was up…of course he’d be in there with me and getting into stuff…”What’s that Mama?”  LOL