We had a pretty good Halloween.  Little  Boy got right into the swing of things and it was hard to get him to come home.  We started out the evening by going to the church’s “Trunk or Treat”.  It was a small affair with maybe 10 cars and a hayride but he got to see some of his classmates and teachers since they all go to tha church or live nearby.  We had thought about going over to a neighboring church which threw a much larger Fall festival with jumpy toys and a petting zoo but this year I think the smaller one was best for his age.  When we got home we had planned on maybe going next door and across the street but little boy quickly learned what this holiday was all about and insisted on going to more houses.  I think we went to almost all the willing houses on the street and then some.  Between the trunk or treat and the neighborhood he brought in quite the haul.  He didn’t say “trick or treat” and I had to say thank you but he sure got the looking cute down pat.  Today he wanted to wear his batman costume again since we were going to my mom’s. I managed to get him out of it by mid morning but he was back in it later when hubby and I decided to run to PetSmart and for ice cream at Coldstone.  Ask him who he is and he’d say in his 2 1/2 year old voice…”I’m Baatman!”