I feel like my life has turned into one of those shows where every time you turn around there is more drama.  Friday was my day off and with 100% chance of rain…a good day to lay around, watch a movie then try and watch the Lost season finale that I missed last May….I did not get a thing done that I really needed to.  I get a call in the morning from my pal Lou who was the chairperson for the reunion.  She had contacted the lawyer I had been emailing.  She had called me the night before asking for the number because she wanted to set up a consultation with her.  We’d received another email from the gal who was demanding a full refund.  She had stated that she had received her refund and it was unacceptable.  She didn’t care if anyone else got a full refund that she just wanted her money. She stated that “Don’t think I won’t take you to court over $25 and maybe more”.  She also stated that her lawyer was free etc etc.  I forwarded this email to the lawyer and then left for the day.

Anyways Lou contacted the lawyer and the lawyer was so appalled by the fact that this lady was STILL pursuing this she told Lou that she would send this woman an email stating that the emails would stop immediately and that if we received anymore emails we would charge her with something to do with harrassing someone with emails or calls which is fine-able up to $500 and 3 months jail/probation.  She may also say something about it being pointless to take to court…not sure.  Lou was mostly upset about this lady sending emails to everyone stating that we were being dishonest about keeping their money etc.  She didn’t want her rep being compromised even though we did nothing wrong.

I personally wanted to wait to see if the lady pursued.  I read on-line how much it costs to file a claim and it would cost her almost $80 with or without a free lawyer.  I kinda thought her free lawyer threats were bogus too because if she planned on using her “company” lawyer….if her company is what I think it is..it would be illegal not to mention those harassing emails were also coming from her work email….naughty naughty…

I’m a little concerned that this will make her madder but I guess we’ll wait and see.  But of course the drama doesn’t stop there for me personally.  When the mail comes friday I have a letter from my bank with a copy of the check that was issued to me from the reunion to reimburse my upfront expenses….came back “irregular signature”. In other words I didn’t sign it exactly how they had on the signature card.  I quickly emailed everyone who got a refund to say if theirs comes back just let me know.  Now I have to go to the bank and see which checks have cleared and which ones came back then get the rest of my money.  What else can go wrong?!  Will this drama ever end!?

I didn’t let it spoil my weekend too much though.  I still never got anything done this weekend, my laundry didn’t get finished, the house is a mess and I’m feeling fat again…..Can’t wait till Monday!