Just when I thought the whole “Cancelled Reunion” stress was over…I’m sitting at my desk at work and my cell phone rings.  I don’t recognize the number but was afraid it might be daycare so I answer….MISTAKE.  It was a gal from my graduating class who had registered for the reunion and was not satisfied with the email conversations she’d been having with the Reunion Chair so she calls me.  She was very irate and hateful and frankly…I ended up hanging up on her before I became irate..  She was demanding a full refund.  I explained to her that the registration was suppose to be non-refundable but since we had to cancel the reunion we didn’t feel right keeping the money but we still had expenses. We would be refunding most of their money though.  That was not good enough for her and she told me how unfair it was and I explained again that would it be fair for the reunion committee to be out hundreds of dollars for things we had to pay for before registration money started coming in?  She questioned why we had to use our own personal money and frankly that was our problem and how at her place of business they’ve refunded monies before when events were cancelled etc etc…then she started on me about how her check cleared the back on Sept 4th and we must have already known we’d cancel the reunion so she didn’t think that was right either. (which is untrue and a different story from what she told the reunion chair).  Finally when she let it be known that she had another lady on the phone in a conference call by asking her something (who she registered with that was from another class)….and her voice became louder at me…..I hung up.  I was so mad and upset I could hardly sit.  One of my co-workers who sits in the workstation on the other side of me brought me a candy bar because she thought I might need it.  I immediately got on my phone and called the reunion chair to leave a message.  “We’ve got to make a decision and get those checks mailed out ASAP!” I said.  “before I get beat up!”…..LOL

Laurie called me last night and we discussed what we were going to do.  We are still waiting for donations from the classmates who volunteered a donation and we’ll see what we can come up with.  I requested she send another email and let everyone know when to expect a refund and I told her if anymore grumpy classmates call me I’m going to refer them to her!

Thankfully there was no one parked outside my house waiting for me when I arrived home….LOL

This drama over $50……………..Feels like high school again…..LOL