The semi-hate mail is coming in regarding the cancelled reunion.  I feel so uncomfortable getting email asking about refunds especially since I don’t know yet.  I got an email today from a lady who works in my building whose husband graduated with me.  This is what I wrote her when she wrote about it not being fair to keep their money and they didn’t see the non refundable statement on the registration form. 

“Hey,  I’ll forward your email to the chair regarding the dinner.  Yeah I agree it wouldn’t be fair to keep the whole amount.  The reunion committee only wanted to be reimbursed some of the monies they’ve personally put in to all the mailings and deposits because that would not be fair either to punish the committee for trying.  We have had classmates (who were not planning on coming) offer to donate money to help with the committee’s expenses so that will help us and ensure we can refund as much as possible.


The reunion fee was also non-refundable at the 20-year because I used the same announcement.  I didn’t realize that last time either.  That’s one of those things one might not see unless….for some reason they pay and can’t come or in this case the reunion gets canceled.  I expect we’ll hear something in the next week and a half.  We want to be fair to everyone…we are just as disappointed as ya’ll”


I have not heard back from the reunion chair so frankly I don’t know what’s going on.  I hope I know soon.  This gal in my building can kick my ass!