Did not happen as planned.  I had an appointment to get my hair cut yesterday after and I told them I’d be bringing my 2 1/2 year old in to get his cut as well.  I only wanted it trimmed a little.  His beautiful blonde curls were getting too long and not curling up like they had been plus it was a little too long in the back.  I was so concerned about getting his hair cut I didn’t even think about how I wanted mine cut.

My appt was at 4:30 so I pick him up at daycare and we drive over to the Salon.  He was a little shy when we first got there but my hairdresser drug out a bucket of small toys and he liked those.  I got my hair first and little boy played right outside the room where my hairdresser has her station.  He liked the chairs out there in the open and would climb into those.

When it came time for his turn he would not sit in her chair, he would not sit in the chairs outside her station long enough for her to grab his hair and he actually ran from us….okay fine.  No haircut for you today.  So I picked up the toys he dragged out and got ready to pay for my haircut (which I don’t like but my only option is cutting off my fat head and replacing it with another).  Little boy goes back to the bucket grabs two toys and appears to be ready to go.  I try and take the toys and tell him he has to leave them.  He wouldn’t give them to me.  So I take them and put the bucket where he can;t reach…………the scream that was let out would cause bats to hit the wall!  He had an absolute meltdown over these two little toys.  I was so embarrassed.  Made it worse when my hairdresser said “Good Luck with that”…….made me really feel my child is bratty.

I mean he was fine the whole time we were there.  Even the refusal to get his hair cut was not truly bratty but this…………..He was silent all the way home.