Being a first time parent is hard…everyone wants to give you advice and it’s all different advice.  Who do you listen to?  My mom has been suggesting for awhile that we need to start potty training little boy.  My husband’s mother is telling him (when I’m not there and of course husband thinks his mom’s advice is the way to go) that we don’t need to start potty training yet because he’ll just revert back later.  Of course the potty training issue is compounded by the fact that we both work and frankly are so busy during the week and on the weekends that thinking about “intense” potty training is the last thing on our minds.

We’ve had two potties at home for awhile now to introduce him to the potty.  At first he would just take them apart and didn’t know what they are for.  When little boy moved into the 2 year old class we started putting him in Pull-Ups.  He loves his Pull- Ups and it’s mostly because his favorite character “Lightening McQueen” is on the front.  They’ve got two kinds of pull ups (maybe more).  One kind has extra characters on the front that fade when they get wet and the other kind we’ve tried give him a cool sensation when he wets.  We tried the night time Pull-Ups but I think it’s too soon for those so we put him back into Night Time Diapers.  He knows when he has soiled his pull-ups and he will tell me he has to pee pee but that’s after the fact.  He has also told me he stinks so he’s aware of the function just not the sensation you get before hand. 

In his 2 year old daycare class they are teaching Potty Training.  His teacher has told me he does sit on the potty and always gets in line with the other kids when they line up to go potty.  He also likes to go sit on the potty at home but it’s always after the fact.  Last night when I arrived home after having dinner with friends, my husband was giving him a bath and the first thing he told me was “Momma I pee peed”.  My husband said he sat on the potty but didn’t potty (had done that in his pullups).  So he’s getting there….He knows what the potty is for now at least.

I’m hoping I’m not just sitting back and letting daycare do all the work with this potty training.  I think little boy will learn to use the potty when he is ready.  I do ask him if he has to potty etc.  I’ve done a lot of reading on it and there are so many different methods that sometimes I feel like I’m doing it wrong or too soon.  Do I need to be more pro-active or just let little boy learn in his own time?