We may have to cancel the class reunion at the Space Museum.  We will send out an email to those registered and see if they want a smaller affair at a local resturant or to just cancel all together.  We will refund part of their money at least and I will get most of my money back which is good.  It was a tough decision and we were all disappointed but what can ya do?  Honestly I’m kinda glad we might cancel because again it didn’t seem like the people who I was really friends with were coming anyways and I didn’t lose weigt…LOL.  Serioiusly though we were all gloom and doom last night at our meeting even thinking about cancelling.  We’ll make the FINAL FINAL decision this weekend.

On a brighter note….today is my birthday!  I probably won’t stay at work all day because frankly if I have to listen to this girl who sits in the area of cubicles on the other side of me….I will probably bite her head off, chew, then spit her head back into her neck hole……This woman talks all day long and loud.  I’ve got my radio and a fan trying to block out the constant noise…LOL  Can you tell she gets on my nerves?  But it started right off this morning and I knew then…..nope not gonna ruin my day…..I’ll go shopping 🙂

And even better….my boss brought in cake today!!!!!  Yeah!