I guess I just was not paying attention to the news or even thought about the fact that Ike would effect gas prices and start a panic at the pump.  All I thought about was “oh wow that’s going to do some damage and cause storms before it’s through”.  I thought about all the poor animals that people abandoned as they evacuated, I thought about loss of property and loss of life…..Hurricane’s can cause some major problems.

Never did I think about Hurriance Ike effecting me here in North Alabama other than bringing winds and rain eventually.  But friday as I was sitting there in the nail salon getting a pedicure and the technician telling me about how Thursday evening things started to get bad at the pump is when it hit me…”I better get some too!”  Of course I didn’t right away because I thought surely she was telling a tall tale.  Didn’t even think about it again till later in the afternoon and that’s when I saw all the people lined up at the gas stations. 

When husband got home we went out to get a bit to eat and thought we’d better get gas in at least one of the cars…..nope…..lines were too long. At that time I believe the gas at my local Sam’s Club was $3.67.  I still had a little under a half of a tank so I thought I would make so.  I did cancel my next day trip to my mom’s since I had to go out there Sunday anyways.  On Saturday, husband and I both went to get gas and there were no lines but gas at Sam’s was up to $3.99.9.  Our Governor had declared a stop to price gouging so that helps.  Some towns locally had gas selling for $5.00!!!! There were only a few stations like that but most folks had gas today between $3.87 and $4.30 I believe.  Which is unreal in my area.  Pray these prices go down soon…for all of us.

These of course ar not the actual cars lined up (LOL) but little boy’s cars that he likes to line up all in a row. He’s done this for awhile but I’ll tell you what…..that’s pretty much what it looked like at the pumps on friday.