Man the weekend flew by fast!  I’m happy to report that it was a pretty productive one.  First off I went to the doctor again on friday since my ears were hurting and I felt like I was in a bubble.  Obviously remnants of my sinus infection.  Sure enough I had fluid in my ears and my passages were so swollen she put me on steriods and I also got another shot (steriods).  But I do feel better and this allergy season has not taken me out totally.  Saturday was a beautiful cool day and we got alot done both inside and out.  Sunday was warmer and back in the 90’s but we still managed to get alot done.  I was very glad to be able to get a few things off my “to-do” list like finally put the doors on my white cabinet that’s in my scrapbook room, shred a box of cancelled checks, laundry, get all the left-over kitchen stuff out of the dining room and load up all the tiles we’re returning to Home Depot (we picked them out, bought several boxes but then decided they didn’t look right…so they’ve been in the garage ever since).  I had hoped to get those tiles returned on Sunday but we were too busy working in the yard and watching tennis.  Once the car is unloaded I will load up again with the crap in the garage I’ll hauling off to the Humane society thrift shop…..then maybe my garage will be half way clean.  I also finally finished installing my CAT FENCE-IN around the tree in the back.  I had to improvise a little since the tree backs up to the fence but I think it’s okay.  We let Bubba roam free some saturday and then all day yesterday.  Saturday he tried to climb up the tree at least once but was stopped….yes!  Of course since I’m back at work today and not there to check on him I went ahead and locked him on the porch until we get home.

Saturday afternoon also brought a contractor over to give an estimate on our roof.  That’s going to be expensive!  We’ll have a couple more come by this week and see what they can do.

Sunday evening brought me stress after getting a few emails regarding my upcoming class reunion.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it.  We need folks to send money and I regret volunteering to be treasurer!  We have one month to pull this thing together.  I’m the worrier and the other gal is as calm as she can be……I obviously don’t work well with laid back, unorganized people…LOL