Being a scrapbooker sorta means you also have to be a pretty good photographer.  I used to think I was but lately I can’t seem to come up with any GREAT pictures the scrapbook.  Could by that my main and most loved subject moves as fast as a bullet.  He’s always on the go.  And when I do manage to get him still…..he’s in a shadow, turns before the flash goes off or it just plain isn’t a good scrapbookable picture.  Even the cats won’t cooperate with me these days.

It doesn’t help that the batteries are low in both my digital camera AND I haven’t read the instructions on using different settings in different lights.  We also never DO anything.  How many pictures do I need of little boy pushing his bubble mower in the backyard (a very hard picture to capture I might add so done have been put in a scrapbook yet).

So I guess we better start doing more stuff and me take more time in my picture taking because when the scrapbook mood hits or I actually get time to do so….I gotta have some great pictures!