Not having the best day.  My ears are still hurting from what is probably left over fluid behind my middle ear.  I decided to come after lunch after stopping by the pharmacy to get some ear drops.  It continued to hurt to the point where I just called the doctor to get an appt tomorrow.  I hate paying a deductable when it could possibly be something that will go away on its own but you never know.  The morning went by fairly fast.  I had an executive board meeting at 11 which didn’t exactly go as planned.  We did get our budget approved which is good but then one of the vice president’s started to throw a wrench in the plan by asking whether we had enough money.  Then another lady spoke up and suggested we vote on the budgets all at once instead of me reading off each committee then voting.  That was fine but my ear was hurting and my head was full of fluid…don’t interrupt my flow….LOL.  Then after the meeting there were several small discussions over some community projects money that had been budgeted and I had to call everyone together to settle the misunderstanding.  It was all mostly because this one lady who I’m thinking is one of those with a little attitude and that surely causes problems in a meeting.  But we resolved it then I went to my desk to call my doctor.  I threatened to jump out the window because of that meeting and my pain but quickly decided going home would be the best plan.  So I stopped at a pharmacy and Five Guys Burgers (sorry Sparkpeople who website I just joined and have not been motivated by yet)

On a good note after I applied drops in my ears I was able to finish a scrapbook page. Yeah I was sitting here with a head full of fluid but the quiet of the house made me relax and i was able to still make a page.  I did a page with pictures from my scrapbook retreat.  It didn’t turn out as good as I had planned (don’t you hate that) but it’s okay.

I will lay down awhile before I go pick up little boy from school.  I can handle it much better when I pick him up closer to time for hus Daddy to come home too…especially on these hot days when he insists we go outside.