My high school reunion is coming up in a little over a month. Unfortunately, I was not able to make the big transformation and lose a bunch of weight…(actually may have gained) so now I have to start thinking about what to wear. I had not planned on spending a bunch of money on an outfit and not sure if I have anything in the closet that fits. More importantly I need something I feel comfortable in. I bought a black dress earlier this year to wear to the banquet I went to in Orlando but it didn’t fit right and frankly I was very uncomfortable in it. I actually left the thing early so I could get out of that dress! And don’t get me started on the shoes either!!!

So now I’m looking for something to wear since I don’t like to wait till the last minute. I started my search after a trip to a local shop when I noticed a black chiffon top that would go nicely with the chiffony black dressy pants I bought the same time I bought the black dress I wore earlier this year. They had my size and a 60 day return policy so I bought it. If I can’t find a dress…this top and those pants would probably be very comfortable.

So that gets me thinking…..and then of course the internet shopping starts. I found this little number at Lane It looks fairly comfortable and I should be able to find a size that fits properly and is comfortable. So I ordered it……

Then I find another little black dress on which is similar. It’s a little shorter and there are rhinestones around the waist….So because I forgot I ordered the one from Lane Bryant…I ordered it too…..

No telling how many other black dresses I have in my closet so I guess I should start looking and trying them on so I can have a back up plan……So now I may have several options to chose from….what’s in my closet, what I’ve just ordered and the black chiffon pants outfit.

That’s the thing about getting older and gaining weight over the years……you can never rely on having one “little black dress” in your closet…you have to keep updating it several times a year! And……….forget about trying to be sexy with my clothes (I’ll just be sexy inside..LOL)…….I’ve given that one up too…..I’ll settle for comfort both with my dress and my shoes……:-(

UPDATE:  I got the Lane Bryant dress this afternoon and it is actually too big in the arm pits so I’m sending back for a smaller size.  It feel really good on, the fabric is really nice.  Even if I don’t wear to reunion I think I will go ahead and get this one…in a smaller size.