Trying out my new cricut expressions again as I make this little Grandparent’s Day card for my Mom.  Inside I printed the words “Have a Happy Grandparents Day” on one side and put a picture of little boy on the top part.  If I had had the time I would have done one for my grandmother as well and I still may try but otherwise I’ll make her a nice floral one for her birthday in December or just a card to say hello.  Not sure if I’ll send a card to my mother-in-law (hand-made or bought).  She doesn’t seem to care about stuff like that but it would give me the opportunity to send her some recent photos anyways.

I only got a little while I scrap this evening since little boy insisted on staying up later since his Daddy cam home later.  I had had an exhausting day at work so husband being late was not the most convenient today but oh well.  Boy and I played outside until I was eaten up with bug bites.  I tried to put up my CAT FENCE IN for the tree in the back of the yard but it was just so hot and sticky plus the instructions were not easy to follow especially for one who is “instruction-challenged” like me.  I got it about half way put up then it became hard to get the netting towards the back of the tree since it backs up to the corner of the privacy fence.

I didn’t have that much to do at work today which is part of the reason it was so exhausting.  My Creative Memories order came in so I walked over to the other building to pick it up.  I had ordered a curvey paper cutter and a sidekick cup holder (not sure why on that one).  Creative Memories has some really nice stuff but it is so expensive….needless to say I can’t order too much especially since I’m addicted to ebay and buying cricut cartridges…LOL.