After two days home sick I guess I’ll go back to work tomorrow. I am starting to feel better and not as foggy. I went to the doctor today and after two shots in the fanny and several prescriptions was sent on my way. I have a severe sinus infection, fluid in my ear and swollen everything. I’m still coughing some but she gave me a prescription for pepcid since all that drainage can cause a lot of acid…not good.

I did get a few things done despite that foggy tired feeling. I printed up some pictures I am wanting to scrapbook. I have some real cute ones of little boy at my mom’s. Some are of him in a little pool and drinking from the hose and the others are of him pretending to drive her john deere riding lawn mower aka TRACTOR!. I also printed up a couple for the scrapbook I’m doing sorta on myself…and my professional club. We do a lot of stuff and I have some great pictures of some of the things we did or places we went. But that’s all I did….print up actual relaxing scrapping.

Before going to Sam’s to get my drugs, I did make a few stops. Stopped at Goody’s to get my neice some things she said she wanted for school like a pair of tennis shoes and jeans and then to Staples to by some ink for my printer and a nice paper cutter. I also stopped at Fresh Market for a few items then on to Sam’s and then to daycare to get little boy a little earlier than usual.

He wanted to go in the back yard first things so we filled up the little plastic pool (and the new dog plastic pool I’d picked up at petsmart earlier and played “Bath” until his Daddy came home and I got supper ready.

Ended the day with a nice whine and a nice glass of wine. 🙂

But tomorrow I shall go back to the ole rock mine.  Dang I wish I could stay home every day!!!!!