I stayed home from work today mostly because I have a bad sinus infection but a little because I was still upset over my dog.  I slept a good bit this morn and debated on whether to go to the doctor or not.  Still feeling there was something else I could be doing about finding Rusty I did a search to find my local animal services to maybe email them or call again.  I found their site then called but the lady told me you’d have to come take a walk through because they don’t know what dogs are back there. 

Back in the 80’s, I had a bad experience with the “pound” that has haunted me for years. The guilt I felt for not adopting this little terrier dog who kept looking up at me….was more than I could bear and I vowed never to return.  I know that’s not a good attitude to have but knowing if I don’t adopt them they MIGHT get put to sleep is too much for me.  I tend to block out what I know they have to do sometimes.

I call my husband around 11:30 and tell him to please go to the pound either today or tomorrow at lunch and see if Rusty is down there.  He acted like he didn’t want to go today and I said fine but please go tomorrow.  They hold stray dogs 5 business days.  He called about 12:20 and said Rusty was down there!!!!

He had just come in today.  Someone had picked him up and dropped him off at a near by vet’s office then they called animal services.  We don’t know if he’d been running around since saturday or if someone took him in until they could drop him off at a vet. 

I had to get in the car and bring him the leash and harness and I did end up going into the lobby area.  It was ironic when the lady at reception got on the intercom and said “dog in cage 93 is ready for redemption”.  That just seemed odd to me….  So husband paid the $44 dollar fine and license fee and I took him home.  I haven’t put him in the dog fence yet because I know Tina will punish him.  She’s partly the reason that poor dog escaped and is so submissive.  She lays down the law for sure but he still loves her I think.

Anyways….Thank God we found Rusty.  I was so afraid something had happened to him.