I’m sitting here stunned.  I don’t know what else to do right now.  I’ve done everything you are suppose to do and now I wait.

I went to my mom’s this morning with little boy. We stayed till about 1230 then drove the 30 minutes to get home.  My BIL was still at the house doing some work but I had hoped I wouldn’t have to see him since he was suppose to have come first thing.  I came upstairs and asked husband who was painting the bathroom had the BIL just gotten here?  He said no he’d been here earlier and whatever had to dry.  I go lay down for a bit (15 minutes) then he leaves and I go outside to work on the patio blocks I bought to block the dogs from getting out from under porch.  Tina’s out there but I don’t see Charlie or Rusty.  I figure they are somewhere in the shade so I continue to unload my blocks.  Then I realize something is wrong…..they would have come out by now.  THEY ARE GONE!  Charlie is my little old dog and Rusty is my beagle who I had just taken to the vet yesterday for his flea allergies.  I go into panic screaming mode and call for husband who didn’t seem too concerned.  I start to really yell now.  What had happened was since yesterday Rusty had figured out how to open the gate in the dog pen so this morning the dogs were out in the other part of the back yard.  I told husband this before I left and I told him where the cats were and that when BIL comes over there should be no need to open garage door anyways.  So when BIL gets here…what do they do?  Open the garage door and unbeknownst to anyone the back door that goes into the garage from the backyard was not closed tight and the dogs pushed through and the two dogs got out.  Evidently a cat got out too but my husband said BIL asked if we had a big gray cat,they realized the door was open to the backyard and they closed it.  Husband checked on all the cats but didn’t think about the dogs or remember what I said about them being out and not opening garage.  Of course neither have a collar.

I found Charlie pretty quickly.  I asked one of the neighbors who was walking her dog and she said she saw Mr. Jones with a small dog in his front yard.  Charlie had wandered into this neighbors yard and befriended this older man who was doing yard work at the time. He thought the dog belonged to the lady a couple of houses down so he put Charlie in her back yard.  She has a pet door so Charlie made himself at home and when that lady comes home she finds this dirty little dog in her house.  She takes it back down to that guy and he ties Charlie up until someone could claim him.  He had not seen Rusty.

After many many walks and drives around the neighborhood, calling the neighborhood watch (who send out emails), calling animal control and putting up flyers……….I can only pray someone finds him and doesn’t think he’s a maingey dog and be afraid to get near him. He looks pretty bad with the allergy and no hair on his tail.

I’m sitting here right now looking out the front window hoping I see Rusty come running by……