I’ll have to say my weekend of scrapping was just what I needed after everything that’s been going in the past several months.  I had such a good time and you would not believe how much scrapping I got done!  I stayed up the first night till 1 a.m.  Time just flew by.   I also learned about some new tools that I of course had to go out and buy.  First off…and I NEVER thought I would use one was a Cricut die-cut machine.  Several of the girls brought theirs and everyone was using it.  One girl even brought one that works with 12×12 pages and I fell in love with that one.  I’ll admit I went on ebay last night and bid on one and won it.  I went back and forth about whether I needed it or whether I should just get the smaller one but when it got into a bidding war with 2 minutes to go…..I was determined I would get the 12 x12 one if it killed me!  LOL.  I also decided I needed a Xyron machine to make stickers so I’ll be getting one of those this week. 

I will post some pictures from the weekend when I get home this evening.  It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time.  I think I gained weight too because they feed you……..very well at this retreat and it is all home made southern cooking…YUMO!  I bought their cookbook and talked the cook into a couple of recipes not in the book.  Everybody that came was really nice and everyone seemed to get along pretty well.  Everyone was kinda in their own little groups mostly because some knew others better than some of the others there.  We all cut up though and had a great time of gossiping, drinking, scrapping, sleeping and eating!

So now I’m inspired to scrapbook more…make the time…..I have to scrapbook from the heart too and not try to get all fancy smancy every page  which really puts some creative pressure on ya…ya know!?  I tend to put pressure on myself which is not healthy in scrapbooking.

Everything at the house was fine when I got home sunday afternoon except little boy has decided he doesn’t need as many naps which makes for a few 2 year fits.  Husband called me at noon and asked where I was and I said…well I’m scrapping.  He thought I said I’d be home at lunch.  I told him that I told him Sunday afternoon and that I couldn’t leave until someone else did since this place is so far out that I wasn’t sure I could find my way back to the interstate…(Which I couldn’t)  I left around 1:30 or so and it took me an hour and fifteen to get home.  I didn’t make it home before I was about to die to pee……Going down county roads drinking a coke is not a good idea if traveling more than an hour.  I ended up stopping at this gas station and it had the nastiest restroom I’d ever seen…and no TP nor towels…and it was unisex but I was desperate!   I’m cringing just thinking about it.

Little boy was asleep when I arrived home which was good since he’d not been napping.  I don’t think husband was able to get him to eat as well over the weekend either which doesn’t help.  Husband also thought it was funny to tell me that little boy only asked about me once.  I guess he’s getting used to Mommy traveling.  As long as he is with his daddy “My Dadda” as he says…he’s just fine……

And Mommy is just fine now that she’s had a little rest and time away.