Have you ever been so mad that you know steam had to be coming out your ears?  Maybe about to blow your top?

Yesterday, my Brother-in-law was suppose to come to the house and put a layer of sealer on my new tile floor.  I told him Monday that I’d be home at 3:30 so he could get in and get out before our dinner time.  He’d showed up Monday right after work and stayed and stayed and frankly we do have a schedule (with a small child you have to) and things to do so him hanging out really eerked me.

So I leave work and am home by 3:15.  I’d asked husband to pick up little boy and to stop at store on the way home since the floor would be wet and little boy didn’t need to be on it.

I wait.  And I wait………5:30pm my husband comes home and I tell him I am livid…..brother-in-law never showed.  I did not get dinner started and was frankly too pissed to fool with it and said I was going to my favorite mexican place and that was the only thing that would make me happy right now.  So me and little boy head off to get mexican.  I get a call from husband but then he says he’ll call me back.  I kinda figured what he was calling about.  Brother-in-law showed up at the house at 6.  I didn’t know this for sure until I get ready to turn into the driveway and see the truck….steam coming out ears!  I called husband and told him to tell brother-in-law to leave and I didn’t want to see his face…I would not come home until he’d left…My husband laughed and said okay.

I pass brother-in-law on the street and give him a look.  I wasn’t going to let that butt head ruin my dinner……

Evidently, he’d come by the house at 2 hoping I’d be there but then had to drive over to the next town thinking he’d be back in time.  But the homeowner he was going to see supposedly begged him to do more than he expected…..I’m like…….He HAS A PHONE!  HE could have called…..

This isn’t the first time he’s done this and I should have know……Thank goodness they are almost done with my remodel!!!!  I think I’ve had enough of my brother-in-law until xmas!