It’s funny how the internet has changed the way we look for things and look for people. As some of my readers may remember, I’m working on my high school 25 year reunion.  I worked on the 10 year committee as well but I can sure see how times have changed how we go about looking for lost classmates.  I’m not one who can just CALL out of the blue someone I didn’t really know to see if they are the person I’m looking for so when we had to do that for the 10 year I was able to get out of that part of the planning.  But back then we had several folks working on the committee as well and could easily assign various projects to be working on.  It also got hard finding those female classmates who got married  as well….Needless to say we did not find everybody and frankly not everyone of those 500 graduates wanted to be found.

For the 25 year (and I believe proably for the 20 as well), the internet has played a big part in our reunion planning and classmate search. Not only can you start Class websites to help find people and they can do a search and find the site and register their latest information but there are also several sites (some free) that you can search by name, last know address and even by age group and name.  This has made finding classmates much easier because with a little searching you can find almost anyone or can you? 

Do you know how many people can have your same name AND be around the same age????   Let’s just say there could be several….especially if you have a fairly common name.  This has been the biggest problem for some people we’ve been searching for…especially those who have never been found from my class or who have gotten married since the last one.  Tonight I get an email from a classmate who evidently had been sent stuff from my reunion committee AND a reunion committee up in Pennsylivia.  The high school has the same name, they are celebrating their 25th AND they had a guy in their class by his same name.  LOL this guy sent his check to the Reunion in PA!  They had been sending him stuff and we had and he got all confused.  It was because they did a search for a George A******** and found him here in Alabama…thinking it was their George.  Heck even my husband has been getting postcards from some high school somewhere looking for someone by his same name.  I told him he should probably send an email and tell them that’s not him so they can stop wasting postage (because I know it can get expensive judging by all the postcards I’ve sent out)

But for the most part we’ve been pretty successful using the internet to find our classmates.  Between the internet, word of mouth, old reunion lists, local papers and public TV we’ve found all but about 150 which is pretty good considering that is more found than any of the past reunions AND there are only three people on this 25 year reunion committee.  Not to mention we’re inviting members from the classes of 1982 and 1984 to join us as well…..It’s going to be a pretty big deal we think……or at least we pray.

The reunion is 11 Oct and registration has been slow but I’m hoping from all the buzz we’ve received that closer to time more people will actually send in their money…..PLEASE!  LOL

My suggestion is that anyone who will ever be interested in attending their high school reunion or even if you don’t want to……register on or do a search and maybe find your classes website and at least register your latest address so you can be found.  And update your registration sometimes.  I cannot tell you how many emails I got returned when I sent out an email using the addresses on the alumni site from my school……Emails can change as often as home addresses and need to be updated.