Today was my off day and I had been looking forward to going to Target this morning to get some items for my new kitchen plus some food that I can cook!  I took my time and went to almost every department since it had been a while since I’d been.  To my suprise, today started the Tax-Free holiday  and diapers and toddler clothes were on the list!  I had not planned on buying any clothes for little boy but went back and bought a few fall items.  Who knows what size he’ll be in once the weather turns chilly so I got some 2T and some 3T and a pair of shoes.  It doesn’t get cold here till usually late October but it varies. I can’t see him growing too much before then.  I was really happy that diapers were tax-free and will probably go back for more.  Not sure if its every store or just Target though.

I spent much of the rest of the day trying to straighten up my house.  It is so dirty from all the work being done.  I needed to dust but they will be sanding the floor tomorrow which means more dust.  I’m hoping after this weekend I can really get down and dirty and get it clean. Bad thing is….next weekend I won’t be able to clean since I’LL BE SCRAPBOOKING!!!! But maybe I will get a chance during the week.

My Brother-in-law ended up staying awhile after they got done working which prevented me from actually cooking which kind of bummed me out.  I had big dinner plans but even after they finished working he hung out…..drank our liqueur and shot the bull with my husband.  This always pisses me off but I tried to be patient since the home project is almost done and then I won’t have to deal with that anymore. At one point as they were all going in and out of the garage, he asked me if I had a gray and white cat because one was on his truck.  Well we don’t have a gray and white cat so at first I didn’t think much of it but then as husband inquired more……it was a smaller tabby and white cat……………BUBBA!

I have trusted Bubba all week and let him in the back yard and he has not once climbed up the tree and over the fence and the minute I let my guard down….he gets out.  When I realized Bubba wasn’t in the backyard and that had to be him and went next door and looked in my new neighbors yard calling Bubba.  I heard his meow (almost siamese like) but wasn’t sure where it was coming from.  Was it in my yard?  I climbed up on the privacy fence and looked into my yard…nope. Then I looked down the fence line and the weeds between the privacy fence and the chain link started to move…and here comes Bubba.  He wouldn’t come to me at first so I went and got a can of food…that didn’t interest him too much but finally he came close enough for me to grab him.  I stayed calmed and then got upset because I knew tomorrow might be a problem.  See normally I would have just kept the kittens inside until I got the cat-fence up around the tree.  I have had that fence for several weeks but since Bubba had not tried to escape again I never put it up.  But see tomorrow the contractors are suppose to come and finish out that back door and do some small things upstairs…..which probably means they’ll want the garage door open which means I can’t leave the kittens in the house nor will I be able to lock them up on the back porch.  I don’t know what to do….We’ll have to think of something because I had planned to go to my mom’s in the morning and not sure I’d be here when the contractors come.  It was so late and I was so pissed and upset…..I didn’t cook any dinner nor did I feel like any take out so we made Eggo Waffles in the top oven of my new stove….Friday night dinner was waffles… sad.  Little boy was in an ill mood anyways so we quickly ate our waffles and took him upstairs for bath, bottle and BED!  It was 9:00 before he actually went to bed which is another reason I hate it when my BIL stays and stays…it throws us off schedule.

Another “animal stress” is my poor outside dogs have got heat rashes or flea rashes or both.  Poor Rusty has chewed the hair off the base of his tail and there are big places on it.  I noticed Charlie is also getting some places as well.  I doctored them all with flea stuff (Revolution) a couple of weeks ago when I first noticed fleas but with this heat and getting rid of the fleas…they are just miserable.  I will get some sulfaden tomorrow and see if I can’t get them some relief.  I had actually let them out of the dog yard today because Rusty was whining and yelping so much.  I thought he was doing it at the cats or just wanted out but I’ll bet he is just miserable.  I feel bad that I have not paid enough attention to notice what was going on.  It’s just been so hot that I only go out there to feed them and give them fresh water a couple of times a day during the week and just never noticed the losing of the hair on the tail etc…  It must have gotten worse during the week because they were out last weekend and I knew he was biting his tail but it wasn’t bald.  Poor puppies.