Can one die of a broken heart?  I think so.  I think it happens alot and is overlooked.

My mom called today to tell me uncle who has had recent back surgery may be put back in the hospital because he is in such pain.  The pain is all over and he was hysterical about it my aunt said.  The worse part is..while he was in rehab…his little Yorkie terrier named Pepper died.  He doesn’t know about it yet for it happened last night.  Pepper was an old dog when they found him and they’ve had him for several years.  Pepper and my uncle (a large man) were joined at the hip and everywhere my uncle went…Pepper was not far.

My mom said she bet Pepper probably died of a broken heart.  Pepper didn’t know why my uncle was not around and it probably made the little dog very sad.  My grandmother doesn’t know about Pepper yet either.  She was also very attached to this dog and had just asked my aunt to bring Pepper over so she could keep him.  My aunt didn’t have the heart to tell my grandmother especially since she herself was dealing with that along with not being able to help my uncle and his pain.

Anyways, I cried when my mom told me about Pepper.  Although my family is several hundred miles away, I do still know what’s going on there and feel their pain.  Okay truly, the little dog was old but I still think it was a broken heart because if it was just old age…..she would have wanted to be with my uncle when she left this world.  Okay I must stop…I’m crying again…..