Only two weeks to go until I go on my scrapbook retreat.  I’m really excited and although I’ve been thinking about what all I’m going to bring I haven’t actually started to pack up anything yet.  I mean you never know when you are going to get some free time to actually scrapbook and I’d had to get inspired and what I need already be packed up.

I stopped by and talked to the ladies organizing the retreat to get a little insight into the scrapbook retreat world.  Who would have thought they’d stay up late scrapping and for the most part stay in their PJs the entire weekend.  Hey I’m down with that! LOL.  I do plan on bringing my swim suit though.  Although you don’t know until you’ve been to one I can’t imagine not taking the time to at least get in the pool a couple of times.  I do plan on bringing some of that TGIF Orange Cream-Cicle mix (vodka is included) to the retreat and hope they have a blender.  Hey it’s going to be a big ole scrapping slumber party and I’m ready.

Do I have anything specific I’m working on and want to get done?  Well I have started a couple of projects but no particular pictures to scrap.  I did find a new tool today that I plan on bringing and buying the accessories for.  Martha Stewart has brought her line of craft products to Walmart and when I was in there today I bought a rotary cutter.  I’ve been trying to find a way to cut my 12×12 paper neatly since the trimmer my husband bought me a xmas or two ago has never worked right.  My 8×10 trimmer does great but not the larger one.  This rotary cutter will do just right.