Little boy is still taking his nap so I thought I would blog a bit.  Friday nights date night went fine.  I was not impressed by the upscale outdoor shopping complex but maybe after a few more stores open up it might be worth another visit (or when they open up the Melting Pot restaurant).  There were just not too many stores that a 42 year old fatty would enjoy other than Maggie Moo’s (an ice cream parlor) and we were too full to even enjoy that and skipped it. The Cantino Laredo restaurant was pretty good.  I had a coupon to try their Top Shelf Guacamole which was outstanding.  I had to eat the whole thing thought since husband doesn’t like it.  My pineapple-coconut margarita wasn’t too bad either.  After dinner we walked through the complex then headed back to our end of town. As we were pulling out of the parking lot I kept hearing this noise like something was wrong with the car but then realized it was fireworks I was hearing.  There was some big shindig going on at the space center.. That was funny though that I thought it was my car.  We stopped off at another resturant for one more drink then back to the daycare to get little boy.  He was still awake and all geared up for more playing and it was hard to get him to bed. I was afraid he’d have a difficult time there since he was very clingy when I dropped him off.  I guess it was confusing to leave daycare at 5:00 only to come back at 6:30 and be put in a different room but I guess he must have done okay because he was fine when we got him.

Saturday, me and little boy went to my mom’s and he got to swim in the little pool I went and got for him to have at her house.  He wanted to bring it home but I told him he had one at home.  He really enjoyed swimming and jumping in it.  

Today has been pretty slow. I’m just really tired.  We have to call brother-in-law tonight to see if we can’t get some workers over here on Monday.  We have our new cabinets and countertop but no working sink, dishwasher, oven, outlets etc.  I am so ready to have these darn contractors out of my house and get my life back to normal!