Tonight is Date Night! Last month the daycare came up with this thing where every third Friday night they would stay open from 6:30pm to 10:00 pm so that parents could go out on a date.  The cost is $10 per child and they feed and entertain them….perfect. We didn’t get to participate last month since husband’s office decided to have a cook out but this month I was the first to sign up.  I’m really excited about it as you can tell. I even went out and bought a new outfit (reminds me of my clubbing days when I would have to have a new outfit each weekend it seemed).  We had originally planned on going down to Bridge Street to visit this upscale shopping community and try out one of the restaurants there but on a Friday night it might be too crowded.  It’s on the other end of town too so it might be too far for the limited amount of time we’ll have.  I told husband it was up to him. They don’t take reservations at the restaurant we wanted to try but do have a call ahead thing where you can call 30 minutes before you get there.  I really hope we go there because I’m dying to try one of their pineapple-coconut margaritas….yum!