About a month ago and suggested that my office have a day where we all go out to eat at out favorite mexican resturant and I called it Taco Tuesday and we’d do it the first tuesday of every month.  Well the first Tuesday I had a meeting then the next one several people were off so we decided to go yesterday.  We were up in the air about realy which mexican resturant to go to but ended up at the old stand by.  We ended up leaving a few people because they were in a meeting and then a couple were TDY but we were determined to go anyways.  So me and my two friends named Kathy headed off to Rosie’s.  I decided to try something a little different.  I’ve been craving chicken fajitas or chicken anything so I ordered the chicken fajita supreme nachos…yummy.  The waitress comes and puts the plates down and as I look down to select a nacho to eat I notice…………..a black/brown hair!  Yuck! The waitress came back by and I politely told her there is a hair on my nacho.  She agreed that was gross, apologized and quickly took my plate away.  Later the manager came by and apologized and said they would get me a new plate and he did personally bring it to me and apologized again and said they’d take care of the nachos.  Heck I was fine…just hungry.  Thankfully I didn’t stare at the plate long enough to gross out so I was happy with a fresh plate.  When the check came I only had to pay for my tea….cool. Although my lunch companions thought it was tacky I had to pay for the tea but I didn’t care…that was a good cheap lunch and the nachos were delicious..

I’ve sent food back before whether there is a hair, a bug or it’s not cooked right and I’m always polite about it.  I hope that helps because I have heard it makes them mad sometimes when people do that but I think it’s just people who are rude about it.  I know mistakes are made and yeah hair sometimes floats off peoples heads or a bug might fly in..that happens at home no matter how clean you keep your kitchen.  No telling what kind of matter we end up digesting each day…..

I might want to reconsider the Fajita Supreme Nachos when I order from there again though.  The very first time we ate at this chain (several years ago) and when it first opened.  We had a big group at our table and I ordered these nachos and when they brought my plate…..a fly had landed on the plate before they put in broiler….and he was cooked on.  I mean I don’t mind a little extra protein but that was a little much…LOL