We are wiped out!  The week hasn’t started out very well but I am optimistic.  I thought the cabinet guy would call and say he’ll be over this afternoon but no such luck. Supposedly he had equipment problems and was not able to finish…he was suppose to call back this afternoon but didn’t so Husband and I are up in the air about who’ll take off work and when to call the other contractors who still need to do some work to my new kitchen. Then I get a call from my former classmate and chairperson to the reunion committee saying her teenage son had been in a serious auto accident.  We’d been planning a meeting here soon and she needed to delay it…of course we can!  Then as the afternoon progresses I start to read some of the results from my professional club’s first survey that I sent out last week.  I’m not surprised by the results so far but that’s all I thought about all afternoon.  Wondering how will we fix these problems and make people happy.  I realize though that we are not going to be able to please everyone and that I should just do the best that I can.  Then about 2:00 my mom calls and tells me that my uncle has been admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery on his back and it is pretty bad.  He lives in Arkansas.  The surgery was at 3 and of course that had me worried the rest of the afternoon.  Thankfully when my mom called again this evening everything looked promising and I can only pray it stays that way.

The day wasn’t a total washout.  What made me smile today?  When I arrived home my QVC shipment had arrived with my new Lock and Lock plastic ware (I’m a plastic container nerd) which made me happy then when I went online today I visited Classmates and saw where a guy friend of mine from school looked at my profile. I’ll have to say that did make me smile because we had not been able to locate him for the reunion and although I didn’t realize it till years later….I think I had a crush on him way back then…..He’s married too now (I think he’s still married) and last I heard was in Texas but still it was fun thinking back to those days again.