That’s how I’m feeling today.  I actually wore a dress today and I feel like it’s a moo moo dress.  I’m kinda in between sizes so it fits me on parts of my body and hangs on others….oh well at least I’ll be cool when I go outside.

Speaking of moo moo’s, little boy decided to play with his little people’s farm yesterday.  First time he’s even looked at in since we got it.  He had to have all the cows lined up in their fence and the lady farmer drove the tractor (backwards) and kept a close watch over them.  When it was time to eat he threw a fit for me to come back upstairs and play farm with him and when I refused he went upstairs and brought the cows, the fence, the farmer lady and the tractor downstairs.

Overall it was a pretty low key day…just playin farm, napping and I did some scrapping (yeah!).  It was suppose to rain all day but instead it just rain a short period of time then remained hot and sticky all day.  A good day to stay instead.