Last night I dreamed about owning my own scrapbook store.  I’ve always wanted to open my own business even though I have no idea how or how to run it.  It amazes me those people who do start their own business and sometimes are very successful at it.  My best friend from high school started a business along with the wife of her boss and now it’s a multi-million dollar aerospace business.  She didn’t anything about starting a business but in that case she had lots of help…but still she took a chance(of course I am jealous but happy for her)

I think with my favorite scrapbook store going out of business, organizing my craft room and an empty building near my neighborhood where a Korean Grocery Store was has really had me thinking about it.  I never get much time anymore to scrapbook but do seem to continue to buy stuff to do it.  I have one hour in the evenings to myself and that is usually doing computer stuff or laundry etc.  Little boy is at an age where he doesn’t always just go to his room to play…he wants to be with Mommy and Daddy and when I’m in my craft room I can’t craft and constantly tell him “No, don’t touch”.

But alas, it’s only a dream.  There is no way I could give up my current job and with scrapbook sales supposedly on the decline (I read this somewhere but they don’t know me), I doubt I could make the money I want by owning a store.  Oh well.  Would be nice though.

I can look forward to some upcoming scrapbook time though.  In about a little over a month I will be going to a scrapbook retreat!  Now that’s a business I wish I had thought of.  Some friends at work have invited me to this retreat.  It’s about 50 miles from home in this facility with a pool, beds, dining and plenty of crafting tables.  It must be a booming business because they’ve had this reservation for over a year!  They went back in May but I didn’t get to go since I was headed off to Orlando the next day so I’m glad they made two reservations this year.  It should be really fun….a bunch of ladies, sitting around scrapbooking, swimming, visiting, eating and drinking!  I can’t wait!!!!  The girls said they usually load up their car with almost ALL their scrapbook stuff….I better start packing now.  My husband got me a big scrapbook suitcase for xmas last year but that won’t hold that much!  The only pain will be packing it up then unpacking it again but either way….I’m excited!