I’ve been documenting  the remodeling work that’s being done at my house on the “adventures in remodeling” page on my blog.  If it wasn’t for being able to vent my frustrations…I think I would literally go crazy.  This has been the worst experience of my life and it’s frankly getting worse.  Today I notice my new dishwasher that is sitting in the middle of the kitchen because the cabinet it goes in has not been secured due to waiting on some plumbing issues……….has a big crack in the control panel.  Obviously from the move inside the house from the garage where it has been sitting for two months.  Unlike the dented stove….this was from being moved and did not come from the factory or the delivery men……I am at a loss for words………I’m screwed.  I’m sure my brother-in-law won’t claim the problem even though it was him and one of his workers who moved it inside…. And what does my husband say?  “Well this is a lesson learned….. never buy your appliances until right before they are ready to go in (of course I thought they would or I wouldn’t have bought them yet), check the boxes and appliances when they are delivered ( the boxes looked fine so why would I open them to sit in the garage), and watch while the are being loaded inside (I did…..) .  I also add to that list.  Only let the Store install the appliances so they will be liable and never hire an in-law to be your contractor. ……I am in hell 🙂