I really think being a mother has changed me.  I know how mother’s feel and am affected more because I do.  I wasn’t going to talk about what happened this weekend in my town because it didn’t affect us directly but the emotions it has stirred in me was something undeniable.

There was an airshow this weekend out at the airport.  The Blue Angels were scheduled to fly and there was a lot going on.  Husband had talked about going and I think he really wanted to take little boy but little boy being only two he kinda thought the time it would take to enjoy everything would be too long for little boy.  He would have loved the airplanes though and I kinda regretted us not planning on going.  During the show yesterday, a big microburst storm and winds came up and blew over several tents.  Twelve people were injured and one little boy was killed.  He was 5 years old.  When I heard this on the news I literally cried right there.  I could not imagine the feelings that mother must be feeling.  A day of fun and excitement turned in to  the worst day of their lives….I cried more this morning when I overheard co-workers re-counting their experiences yesterday because several of them were there.  One guy said he ran right past that mother and she was screaming and in shock and at the time he didn’t know what had happened, he was too busy trying to find his own family.

Life is too fragile.  My sympathy goes out to that family.  Like I said I cannot even imagine what they are going through.  I mean it’s sad to here anyone has been killed but when it’s a small child my heart does seem to ache more now that I’m a mother myself.