I’m on a break so I’ll write a bit.  I ended up staying home from work again even though the contractors said they wouldn’t be here till after lunch.  Last night for some reason, little boy woke up crying and couldn’t get back to sleep.  We brought him into our bed for awhile (laying on me) and he couldn’t get comfortable.  We put him back in his bed..he wailed!  Brought him back and he still couldn’t get comfortable.  Wanted a bottle so we got him a bottle (yes he’s two and he still likes the bottle sometimes). Finally after a couple of hours of this he spread out crossways on our bed and managed to fall asleep.  He took up mostly my side of the bed and instead of moving him for fear he’d wake up…guess who ended up sleeping on the floor because I haven’t set up the extra bed yet…me.  Little boy was still restless and even talked in his sleep (someone was trying to take his juice) but he stayed alseep.  Mommy on the other hand slept but was in a knot when I woke up this morning 2 1/2 hours later than normal.  So I stayed home.  It wasn’t worth it to get up and go to work only to turn back around and come home.  The boss was out anyways..*evil grin*.

I ran to Target and Hobby Lobby  then back to the house and started working on the guestroom/computer room.  I have turned my husband’s computer room into an extra bedroom since I moved the bed out of my scrapbook room.  I inturn will get the treadmill moved into my room.  So now I wait for the contractors, maybe scrapbook awhile (my block got better) and then I might mow the back yard/jungle.  My husband’s going to geta talking to when he gets home…..it’s a mess.

I must be truly effected by lack of sleep. I was outside in the garage and a young girl came up on her bike selling children’s books (I’m a sucker for those). She was from Istonia or somewhere there in Europe and as part of the summer program she is trying to sell these books to help pay for her summer here.  I’m also a sucker for that.  So even though the books were expensive I bought the “half package” of 13 books.  paid half now and half when she delivers at the end of the summer.  It took me awhile to find my checkbook in this mess here but she came back later and I gave her a check……Guess I better go plant that money tree now..the way I’m spending it these days….LOL