No sooner do I get my space all organized, my new scrapbook supplies unloaded from the sacks and get little boy and his Daddy off to the grocery store so I can spend a few minutes in my craft room when… space gets invaded.  Bubba piled up on the paper storage containers and Dixie plopped herself down on my work table (she did get up when I grabbed the camera though) AND I ran out of ink in my Canon photo printer.  Guess those cute pictures I took of little boy today will have to wait to be scrapbooked (like I was really going to get a page done today.  HA!

Hopefully I will get a quiet moment to myself tomorrow.  Contractors are SUPPOSE to come tomorrow and they are not known for showing up early so I’m hoping I’ll get a moment then.  I may actually be home the rest of the week….and hopefully get some scrapbooking time in.  One hour in the evenings is not enough time to Blog, surf and scrapbook….especially when you have invaders!