The day went by fast today mostly because I took off early to get my hair cut.  Was pretty busy all morning then ran to the Mall at lunch to pick up my ring.  When I was out of town a few weeks ago we stopped into a Kay’s Jewelers to get our rings cleaned and they told me the stone was lose on my engagement ring.  I was very lucky actually that I didn’t lose it considering I’d been to Disney World the day before.  So when I got home I took it to the jewelers to get the stone tightened.  Naturally, I had to do some other shopping while I was there because afterall with the price of gas we can’t waste trips to the Mall…LOL

At my hair appt I got my hair colored and trimmed and had a good time visiting with my hair dresser.  We have a lot in common except for the fact that she is young, skinny and looks like Jenna Elfman (I hate her  because of these things but I still go to her to get my hair cut…LOL)  I guess my hair looks good.  She just trimmed it and the color will be less brassy.  Didn’t get all the gray but maybe next time.

Besides that a pretty uneventful day.  I’ll probably work on my School Days Altered Tin here in a bit.  I’m almost done and then I think I’ll make a paperbag album to go inside.  I need some inspiration on it.  Maybe I’ll run to Hobby Lobby this week and see what they have that I can use.  I may also run by my scrapbook store since this is the last week. I think they still have a few items left AND it’s 65% off….