Well I’m not exactly sure we are getting date night.  Things have been pretty confusing around here.  First off my husband’s office decided to have an organizational day today which worked out great since I have the day off but then they decided to have it at 4:00pm in the afternoon at the River instead of the usual lunch time affair where everyone gets to go home afterwards.  Husband doesn’t even know what time they will let them leave and he still has to drive home get me then we’ll have to stop and get little boy at daycare. 

Now date night at the daycare starts at 6:30 and ends at 10:00…..I had planned on getting semi-dressed up for a nice dinner with my hubby but even a couple of hours at the River will ruin that because we wouldn’t have time.  Oh well, we’ll go to the River so husband can show off his son then if we can make it to daycare around 6:30 maybe we’ll still have time to go do something with just the two of us.  I told him that if this month doesn’t work out he better be planning a date night for next month!