I’m almost finished with my scrapbook space.  I was going to wait till I’m 100% done but that may never happen.  The space is now at a point where I can come and scrap with some sort of peace of mind and not deal with the clutter I was dealing with before.  I finally got the queen sized mattress that was leaning up against the wall out of there (moved it to computer room to deal with next).  Since I still use this room for my clothes  and the fact that the chest of drawers and dresser where my mom’s childhood set I felt like I needed to keep those items in the room but on the opposite side.  That stuff would get ruined in the garage. I also kept my antique hat and hatbox collection in the room to give it a little more personality.

I tried to stick to a certain color scheme in my room.  I had mostly white containers for my scrapbook supplies so I kept with that and bought the scrapbook storage cubes from Target.  I really liked those and they were easy to put together.  I will probably buy a couple more but they were out at the Target I went to.  I also used some Sterilite white plastic 12×12 paper drawers that fit perfect on top the cubes.

I used an old table to pilfered from my grandmother’s carport as my work table.  I plan on making a white table skirt to hide the legs and better fit with the color scheme.  On top the desk I have a cutting mat I found in the garbage at work.  It’s very large and works perfect as a cutting mat.

Check out these peg board fixtures I bought from my favorite scrapbook store that is going out of business.  I bought one 12 x 12 paper rack and this great ribbon holder one.  I would have bought more if my peg board was positioned higher up and not a pain in the butt to move.  When I first put up the board the room was arranged different.  I love the peg board idea which I originally found on another website.  The basic peg board attachments you find at the local hardware stores are great but if you even get fixtures from a store that’s going out of business….super bonus.  My name is on the list for a large 12 x12 paper display case but I doubt I’ll get that. Those things went very fast.

Another favorite thing I added to the room were these cubes I found at Target that you add these brightly colored cloth baskets.  The cubes came in either 2 cubes, 8 cubes or 10 I believe.  I started out just buying a couple of two-cube ones since I didn’t know what kind of room I end up with plus the larger ones would take longer to put together.  My favorite color is the bright green which I used alot in the room.

The last thing I added to the room which I did not take a picture of because I have not attached the doors to it yet was a large white pantry cabinet. One of my problems before in my craft room was everything was showing which made the room look even more cluttered.  My mom has had a pantry cabinet for years in her craft room and it just makes everything look neater.  I didn’t get a very large pantry only because they are so heavy.  I bought it at Target as well even though the one I really wanted (the large one) was at Lowe’s.

Like I said the room is not 100% complete but it sure is complete enough for me to be inspired.  I actually started working on my altered lunch tin again and sorted out some papers to work on another project.  Only thing about re-organizing….sometimes you don’t remember where you put some things that you put away specifically where you could find them!!!!!