I signed little boy up for Date Night at the daycare.  It looks like they’ve received a very positive response and there will be kids there his age that night as well…including his arch nemesis Elisa (the one he bites and she bites him).  They will have dinner for the kids and fun activities.  The Date Night is from 6:30pm to 10:00pm and they plan on doing it every third Friday of each month (except for months where holidays fall on that weekend).  The money will go towards the pavilion they are putting on the playground.  I asked my husband where he is going to take me for date night and of course he came back with a smart butt answer about how I can go to dinner or movie with my lady friends and he can go to the strip club…yeah right!

I’m hoping we’ll go to one of those nice restaurants that are not particularly kid friendly so we haven’t been there in a while……My fingers are crossed for the Thai restaurant for sure!

Date night is next Friday!!!! yes! Great Idea Daycare peoples!