Again I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and it doesn’t help that I have evidently pulled a muscle in my shoulder and arm from re-arranging furniture in my craft room.  I started to realize how overwhelmed I’m feeling the other morning when I woke up early early and couldn’t get back to sleep because there is so much on my mind.  My contractor didn’t show up again yesterday which really put me in a foul mood.  Here he goes and tears out my bathtub and toilet then I don’t see or hear form him in 4 days.  I told my husband this morning that HE is going to have to call him tonight.  Everytime I get hopeful that at least one project will get finished….one step forward, two steps back.  I’m tired of living like this.  We take a shower in the Master bath then we have to go to hall bath to brush our teeth etc because there is no mirror in the Master then I have to go downstairs to dry my hair because there is no door on the hall bath and little boy is usually still asleep when I dry my hair so I don’t want to wake him.  It’s just a big pain.  I know I’m not the first person to experience a pain in the butt contractor but still…I don’t like it.

Then I’m starting to feel the pressure of what’s coming up with me professionally.  I get sworn in as President of my professional club/organization on Thursday.  When I accepted this position I didn’t think it would have as big of an impact on me as is seems to have.  Maybe it is because I have so much else going on…who knows.  There are so many decisions to make and the pressure of maintaining the status we already have.  What if I just totally ruin the chapter?  We have to get good speakers and maintain the chapters interest but with that we have certain guidelines we must follow in order to be competitive…….Surely once I get these first decisions made and layout my plan for the year things will be less stressful. There is also this fine line I have to try and maintain about being in control.  I fully admit I’m a control-freak but I can’t let them see that side of me and I have to  not micro manage everything……

Registration is going slow for the high school reunion too which is worrying me.  Several people SAY they are going but not everyone wants to shuck out $100 bucks 4 months before an event even though…we truly need that money to continue with the planning.  We have not even paid our deposit yet and the committee has been using their own money to buy things like paper and postage (mainly me on that) and one of us paid the DJ already with their own money.  Hopefully registration will pick up soon and maybe in a couple of months we’ll send out reminders.  This thing better go down because I’m already out a bunch of money!

And speaking of weight, I’m so depressed about mine.  People keep sending me pictures that I’m in when we were in Orlando……OMG I’m so fat!  My original goal this year was to lose weight before this trip and my installation but that didn’t happen.  Now here it is 4 months before my high school reunion and I still have 30+ pounds to lose. 

So again I whine……..about the stress I’m feeling right now…..I whine to my blog…my outlet……In the grand scheme of things my problems are small and I realize this…..but I still like to whine 🙂